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Breeders compete in a unique national championship in Khouribga.

It seems strange to talk about organizing a bird championship in Khouribga at first glance. Rearing birds, other canaries, parrots and other birds is a hobby that has recently caught the Moroccan attention. But, only a few people expect that a hobby to turn into a competition governed by strict standards and special controls, after [...]read moreBreeders compete in a unique national championship in Khouribga.

Public Holidays in Morocco 2020

The page contains a national calendar for Morocco for all public holidays in 2020. Such dates can change when official changes are confirmed, so please check back for updates regularly. Date Day Holiday 11 Jan Sat Independence Manifesto Day 1 May Fri Labour Day 24 May Sun Eid al-Fitr 30 Jul Thu Throne Day 31 Jul Fri Eid al-Adha 14 Aug Fri Oued Ed-Dahab Day 20 Aug Thu Revolution Day 20 Aug Thu Islamic New Year 21 Aug Fri Youth Day 6 Nov Fri [...]read morePublic Holidays in Morocco 2020

Morocco Property Buyers Guide

Morocco sits just 14 kilometers from the shores of Southern Spain and is very easily accessible. Its progressive government is making Morocco a truly viable place in which to own property. For many, Spain’s comparatively high prices and overcrowded resorts are making exotic Morocco the ideal choice. Property in Morocco remains wonderfully cheap and ripe [...]read moreMorocco Property Buyers Guide

 khouribga – «Des bus Al Maarifa» pour le soutien scolaire aux élèves

Il y a plus d’un an, deux bus modernes ont été convertis en deux salles de classe mobiles équipées des dernières technologies éducatives numériques aux profits des élèves de la province de Khouribga. Un communiqué du groupe O C P, parvenu à Ya bi la di, rappelle que «la réadaptation de la vie scolaire est [...]read more khouribga – «Des bus Al Maarifa» pour le soutien scolaire aux élèves

The tourism boom boosts the traditional industry’s vogue

The tourism boom boosts the popularity of traditional industry professionals operating in the handicraft sector experienced a substantial increase in the amount of transactions during the first third of this year as a consequence of the influx of international visitors to this sector’s products. The recovery, which experts say is moving in a favorable direction after having a powerful effect on their sales, is due to a fall in demand for locally produced products and unequal competition from comparable products produced in China, which caused a substantial fall in prices owing to the industry’s illegal competition. The experts have verified that they expect the demand for traditional products to grow, with favorable indices arising from the statistics of the amount of visitors who arrived in the Kingdom during the first quarter of this year. Between January and March 2019, the amount of visitors visiting Morocco improved by more than 4 percent compared to the same period last year, amid optimistic expectations by experts of the same upward trend for visitors wanting to spend their holidays in Morocco. In the first four months of this year, the exports of traditional products by Moroccan businesses reported a notable recovery of nearly one-third compared to last year’s same era. According to data from the Bureau of Exchange and the Ministry of Tourism and Handicraft, the total value of products exported by experts from the traditional sector overseas increased by 32 percent between January and April of this year. The Ministry of Tourism, Handicraft and Air Transport’s interests recorded a record 62% increase in Morocco’s exports of traditional gypsum goods, while exports of traditional Moroccan garments increased by 59%. MAROCMOROCCO.COM

Pope in Morocco: protect ‘multi-religious’ Jerusalem

Pope in Morocco: protect ‘multi-religious’ Jerusalem

Joint statement with Moroccan king comes after US President Trump recognised Jerusalem as capital of Israel last year.

Morocco Vacations

Morocco is a place where sand embraces the sea and snow. The charismatic beauty of the place is such that it lures visitors from around the world. The southern coast of Morocco converges in the  Sahara whereas its northern sides are enveloped by the bedazzling snow capped Atlas Mountains. The Atlas Mountains not just add [...]read moreMorocco Vacations

 Live: World Bank: launch of new partnership framework with Morocco

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