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Endangered Animals are Threatened by Border Walls

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Human Activity is Causing Cancer in Wild Animals

[ad_1] Humans are causing cancer in other animal species.[fb_vid id=”1430852083713712″]Humans are causing cancer in other animal species. [ad_2]

Animals With Impressive Horns

[ad_1] Animals With Impressive Horns. #Zoology[fb_vid id=”2261589917269187″]What separates fake horns from real horns? [ad_2]

The Exotic Animals That Have Been Domesticated

[ad_1] The Exotic Animals That Have Been Domesticated. #Zoology[fb_vid id=”383854052410098″]These animals require plenty of space and food and medical care; what makes anyone think they’d make good pets? [ad_2]

Which Animals Are Most Dangerous To Humans?

[ad_1] Which Animals Are Most Dangerous To Humans?[fb_vid id=”550913345423462″]We humans might be the Apex predator, but you would be surprised who most commonly takes us down. [ad_2]

Amazing Animals That Have Adapted to Living in the Desert

[ad_1] Animals that can live under extreme conditions. #Zoology[fb_vid id=”2256265141287608″]These desert animals have built-in shades, fat-storing humps and can go a whole year without eating. [ad_2]

7 Things You Didn’t Know Were Produced by Animals

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Nature’s 10 Strongest Animals

[ad_1] Nature’s 10 Strongest Animals[fb_vid id=”1091338801024459″]These animals have beauty, brains, and especially brawn. They are certainly stronger than your average body builder. [ad_2]

How Do Animals Grieve?

[ad_1] How Do Animals Grieve?[fb_vid id=”342590822970958″]Do animals grieve in the same ways that we do, or are we projecting our emotions? [ad_2]