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Your Travel Guide to Marrakesh – Prices, Food and Why You SHOULD Visit!

Your Travel Guide to Marrakesh – Prices, Food and Why You SHOULD Visit!

What’s up guys and welcome to a brand new travel series in one of my top pick? Travel destinations Kathy, and I had the opportunity to see Morocco over an eight-day period, but in today’s. Video. I want to focus on the first three days in the city of Marrakech and what is gonna be like kind of a fun /.

Informative travel, vlog guide it’s, got a bit of everything it’s. Definitely gonna be very beneficial if you actually plan to come, see it without further ado. Let’s, get started. What’s up guys? We’ve just touched down in a brand new continent and a brand new country.

This is amazing, first ones to the luggage whoo, alright guys. So this is kind of how the SIM card situation is. We just arrived to the airport and there’s, two different competing companies. We’re, seeing here these guys here, Maddog Telecom it over the orange one, because that’s.

What our friend told us to do. Basically, they give you a free sim card, but then you immediately have to recharge it as soon as you get outside of the airport, it’s. Gon na be about 10 euros for 10 gigabytes.

Most convenience stores will set it up for you, but a bit of a disclaimer. You may need to know some French most people did know a baseline of English, but French is one of the main languages there. Aside from the Arabic language, maypole moi, sadasiva Ceylon, that’s, my rusty French, so we’ve, just cleared customs.

We’re being passed off hello. How are you a Christian nice to meet you? Thank you very much appreciate it. I’m. Sir. Look at this Airport guys it’s beautiful. So, as you may know, you’re, not allowed drones in Morocco, and so I basically had everything except my cavity searched for my drone.

They saw my propellers and they were like going crazy. They’re, like you must have it. You must have it. I was trying to explain to them. I just FedEx it at home. She asked me five times the same question I’m like ma’am, like I told you already it’s been FedEx home like got a little bit angry about in, but anyways it’s.

All taken care of, but nonetheless I guess that goes to show how serious it is. They really take it seriously that you cannot bring a drone in now outside of the airport, get ready to go to battle, because just like in Southeast Asia, you ‘

Ve got those taxi drivers that are gonna. Try to rip you off asking you upto 50 euros, maybe even a hundred if they’re feeling lucky that day, typical price you want to pay is around five and a half US dollars, but you will have to negotiate hard for that.

You can also take a bus for half the price and just cut out those people. Let’s, let’s, keep it pg. Fortunately, for us we had our guide all set up with travel link. Morocco all right here’s. The ride.

Now I hit my head on the roof. Now, generally speaking, taxis in town won’t. Be that expensive. You’re, looking at roughly two US dollars for, like a quick short trip up to five to seven US dollars for like a 30 to 45-minute trip.

I should also mention that in Morocco they use a currency by the name of the dear hum, and I’m going to be referring in US dollars throughout this video. But dirham is the local currency, hello. How are you hi guys? This is my first ever stay in a riad.

We’ve just arrived at Maison AB, and this is a beautiful, beautiful hotel coming in around about $ 150 a night where the average price in Morocco is about 50. So definitely not on the cheaper end, okay, the stairs as all things in life you get what you pay for in this place was beautiful.

Here we are . Oh my gosh. There’s. A turtle shell tortoise tortoise to be the correction . This is insane. It is now just about sunset and we’re off to grab some dinner here. But the exciting thing is that another couple has just arrived and I’ll, be introducing you to them in just a sec later that night we went out to enjoy our first sunset of Morocco.

In fact, first sunset in Africa and we went to a place by the name of Gemma elf na, and this is like the main market at night. It has so much life. People come out for the different activities, the music, the street food and just like the liveliness of it.

All later that evening we went to our first-ever belly dance show at LaSalle AMA, first off across the table again Michael, my favorite Instagram account one of them right here and off. Man is the one who is organized basically our entire week here in Morocco.

So a huge thank you, my friend, and this is his brother, Sally mom, and the cool thing about Moroccan food is that typically you’ll. Have it shared amongst a big group? You got lots of little things. You can try.

He’s, got to help yourself to all the different platters and, as you can see, we ‘ Ve got a lot of them, no idea what we’re going to get, but I’m gonna try

So this place really turns up at night we have the belly dancers. So right now we’re walking through JAMA, Elf nah, and this is actually like the main market in the center of Marrakesh. It’s all within the gates.

Inside the walls, because it’s laid out, and especially with it being Ramadan, it’s, quite Lively. Everyone’s broken fast. They’re, getting food, they’re enjoying a bit of social life, and the cool thing is that I’ve, actually been told it’s very safe here in Marrakesh.

So I don’t. Have to be too concerned with my camera, I do have a firm grip on my strap, because I would do that anywhere in the world. I feel relieved knowing that it is safe here that even carrying around expensive goods, shouldn’t draw too much attention to you.

For the most part, Marrakech is actually very safe: all right. What’s up? I’ve, had today’s, video sponsored by audible. I wanted to take just a few seconds to thank them and let you know a bit about them.

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Show you all the details now guys let’s, get back to the video good morning guys. It is our second day here in Marrakech, and today we ‘ Ve got our city tour and Aggies actually gonna be trying Ramadan today.

So she’s, not doing it for any religious reasons. She just was curious what it was like to actually fast for an entire day but Cassie 9. We’re, not fasting. I will never stop eating good morning guys.

Oh sorry, so right now we’re gonna be doing a walking tour through minute of Kesh, and we’re actually in the old town right now. What’s, the name of it Eddie atlatl, Diablo Road? You’re already, seeing very much like the typical Marrakech living like people are going by on their hearts being dragged by donkeys tons of people on their motorbikes on their bicycles.

Quite a happening city a lot going on because it’s, a flat city, you plan to use motorbikes yeah inside community, so it’s, easy to get around easy, usually with the narrow streets. Okay, now one thing you’ll definitely need to know is, if you’re planning to go to the markets, you also need to put on your negotiating hat because it’s.

Just a part of the game even locals need to negotiate, but especially if you’re foreign, they will just crank up the price. It’s, your job, to bring it back down handcrafted metal goods, and you’ve got jewelry there checking out some of the silver goods here, or at least the claims are silver, but let’s be honest.

It’s, not it’s. Definitely not so. I came in here just looking for a cool photo. I’ll, be leaving completely blinged out, actually think I’m, probably gonna look at getting one of these slimmer bands definitely could go with my current leather setup.

This one’s, just huge, so my friend, how much for this one right here yeah! So how much just for this one! I want to go with the big hand. Cuff 1200 ago, she ating but truth be told. I don ‘ T really want this one.

It’s too big. I laid this one yeah yeah, I like it. So here we go Simon, negotiate a little bit. So how much for this one here! No, there’s, not a chance. This one 700 there’s, no way what I can do for you.

I can offer you 150 150, so this one is 700 and now look at the size of this one very tiny. I just need one too much: no, there’s no way. I can do 150 for this one. No, my final offer will be 200 for this one, because I wouldn’t pay more than 20-years, oh no.

I can’t. Do 500 yeah. Thank you! 200. You can’t do see. I only have i have a 200 right here that’s. All I can. I can’t, do no to hundreds of mostly no, I know fifty no book 200 is the most alright fine.

My very last offer will be to 250. You can do 250, no profit, who your give me cookies have baked food. I promise no profit, I’m. Sorry, 250 is really the most like a dude that’s 25 euros. It’s, a lot for a bracelet.

My friend gave me money take 250. Thank you very much. Thank you very much guys I’m, so stoked on my brand-new bracelet part of the collection, the family. Once I get a bracelet, I pretty much wear it until it breaks or falls off, and this one right here is actually from the Philippines.

Two years ago now, I haven’t, taken it off once not even to shower nothing, and I cannot believe that this coconut bracelet has held up so long and by the way, a great bargaining tip is actually to take your money out.

I’ve learned that psychologically and when people actually see the money they kind of just want to take the deal. Can you use your tips in practice because I really want this kind of egg, but I don’t know how to bargain please: okay, let’s.

Try what did he ask? He’s, making chess pieces by carving between his toes. So I helped Cathy negotiate a handbag so that she could help carry around my CAS. I should have gotten a bigger one. You should have yeah so check it out guys handmade chess set.

I’m super stoked on that very pretty. We will need another suitcase. No, I want to buy everything I’m, actually very tempted to buy a rug from my place in Bali, but I just don’t know how I would get it there right now.

It’s kind of inconvenient one euro for one of these, so really great, I love it. Go go now pretty much. Anyone that goes to Marrakesh will make their way into the markets the medina, but I must tell you it’s.

Important to know where you’re going so either do a lot of research online to know the best areas or hire a guide for us. We were luckily taken to the best areas where there was almost no tourists. We probably saw maybe five other people in the two hours that we were wandering around in there.

So this is what we just ordered. This is a tangia, not a kit. Mad Akasha Alexia Mirage, Chia attentional. It’s very cool. Oh, so he’s gonna empty it. Oh that looks so good. One of the biggest things about travelling is, of course, the food trying new foods from different places is one of the highlights and it’s no exception here in Morocco.

Some of the main meals that you’ll see are going to be tajines and couscous. Now, for me, my favorite was the tagine and what it is is essentially they take this big pot and they put inside of it meats they put potatoes.

They put vegetables and they really slow roast it. The meat becomes very delicate, very tender, and you barely even need to cut to pull it apart now. Just to give you a bit of a rundown on pricing, what you can expect to see is a very inexpensive restaurant.

You’re, looking at about three and a half US dollars, just for an entree three and a half to four and a half for a beer for a mid-range restaurant with maybe an entree and an appetizer. You’re. Looking at about 10 to 15 dollars ahead now, cappuccinos for me, a daily ritual about a dollar 85 for a bottle of water and you ‘

Ll, definitely need it. That’s, going to be about 50 cents per bottle. So we’ve just arrived here at the Museum of met Akash, and this was formerly one of the rulers places. Basically, there was an uprising from the north of Morocco.

He got kicked out and in the state inherited his palace. Now it’s for everyone to enjoy. It is absolutely beautiful. You can see it’s, a traditional riad, so typically Riyadh’s. Actually, don’t have windows to the outside, but the opening comes from the top.

So this would typically be an open concept and that’s, how they got the air flow, but kept the privacy from the outside world, and it is just stunning, the amount of intricacy and the tiling on the walls.

All of that hand painted hand power hi, guys I’m gonna believe I love leather bags. There’s, a man carrying and all the fresh leather everywhere you look guys beautiful leather shoes, leather purses, guys.

I really don’t like walking tours, but this has been one of the coolest walking tours. I’ve ever seen. This is like real Morocco. We’ve, seen probably 95 % locals. The only negative I will say is that a lot of the locals want you to take photos and videos.

This is one of the most challenging places I’ve ever filmed, because if you point your camera at the wrong person, they will give you a middle finger and they will give you some sign that they’re very displeased.

So you do need to be respectful, mindful I’m doing my best, but yeah a bit of a challenge at times, but when you get the shot, oh my gosh, so beautiful later in our walking tour, we went to a place by the name Of Lee Sheldon success, it was actually in, like the dead, smack middle of Marrakech, one of the most valuable areas in the entire city, and it was owned by a minister, and so the crazy thing was nobody on the outside knew about it.

So he had his own private sanctuary, and I think the craziest thing of all of this is that it only became publicly available publicly aware about three years ago when they opened it up been a long time held secret, and it is very stunning.

It’s, a peaceful little sanctuary,. It is seriously sensory overload right now we’ve, been in Medina, the shopping area for a little too long.

Now I think it’s been close to two and a half three hours. I think I’m ready to get out yeah. I want a bit of space. I’m chopped. Oh, this is a mound of food. Oh, my gosh look at all the bees give I two biscuits to get a free bumblebee.

It was ridiculous. I feel like he’s, just been building up that mountain for years. Now, no one ‘ S bought us food, so they just keep adding more and more and every day he needs a taller stool. So I only just realized.

This is actually the very same market. We were in late last night, but he just looked a totally different, so the mini pig didn’t work out, but he just left you with it. Bin Laden Shalala would look for farming in Charlotte,

Now one of the final stops of our walking tour that day was to go to the Royal manse our in Marrakesh, and I’ve. Never seen anything like this. If you could appreciate the Moroccan architecture, then you will be absolutely dumbfounded by the front lobby.

It makes no sense. The amount of detailing is out of this world. Now I will say that this is one of those expensive spots. You can do for like a drink and lunch. You’re gonna see at least 75 dollars ahead and easily so much more.

But if you really don’t mind spending to see something incredible, then this is something worth adding to your itinerary, all right. So she’s got but one more hour and then she can eat she can drink. How’s? It feeling so far it’s, no great University and yeah.

I was really feeling it. What’s, the hard part and not drinking water yeah? That was hard too yeah yeah. We’re eating. All this good food in front of her it’s, got ta, be torture but props to you. You’re.

Almost there. Almost there yeah it’s. Gon na be good, very cleansing. Experience about that come carrying your ego. I would be very humble at the end of this trip. Yes, I hope, maybe she ‘ S got a long way to go, and so we’re, going to be doing iftar right here at one of the top hotels and restaurants.

In all of Marrakesh and the column, ammonia, we’re, actually gonna be staying here for two nights:. So we just heard the call to prayer in the distance the Sun has now set, and it is time for everyone hear that break fast, including myself, and so what you’re gonna see here that’s.

Quite common. Is people have some milk, they’ll have a hard-boiled egg, and often it was just explained you kind of eat all the things you haven’t had throughout the day, so you’re. Making up for the meals you missed out on, like breakfast lunch and dinner, you ‘

Ve got a French touch here with the puzzles. Have you had your first bite yet yeah you’re patient. You’ve. Come this far? Why now right, let’s go another day, so normally you start with the dates it’s.

It should be a dates and there we go that’s. The date right there and I’ve, got to say it’s like next-level deliciousness, schibetta yeah. Yes, what is that picked? A Moroccan that’s like a bread, fried fried bread, yeah bread with honey, so so good.

So I got a cappuccino: we have this like carrot, yogurt it’s very thick and then over there like Moroccan pancakes. I got make some skewers actually Helen. I have brain it’s. One of the options I didn’t order:

We’re, getting the royal boot from Mother Nature. The wind has picked up so much. I don’t know how this is Morocco, because it feels like I’m back home in Canada. It is cold right now. You know if tar is not your typical kind of meal, but overall pretty tasty and as far as Iftars go.

This is definitely one of the more upscale ones. I think all in all, it’ll, be around $ 50 per person, so very expensive. Later that evening we went for a swim here in the hotel, and I have to say this is one of my top pick hotels in the entire world.

If you can afford the 5-star price tag, or even if you can’t – and you want to splurge on something big, this may be a good place to do it, because I absolutely love my experience here and welcome to the third day here in Marrakech right now, we’re, actually just outside of the old gate.

It’s, a defensive structure that used to keep the center of Marrakech safe. We’d, like he’s, carrying all the leather to be tan. What is it going on here? This is a rough looking landscape. Oh my gosh! This is the tannery, so this right here is Mohammed and Mohammed works here at the tannery.

What he’s doing right now, he’s, actually taking these goat pelts and he’s, dipping them in this like liquid. I think he said it was called mimosa, sound-alike, mimosa and essentially, what it does is it actually softens up the pelt it makes it smell better, which, if you could smell what I’m smelling.

You would know that it could use a lot of that right now tons of different odors going around, and that is pig in poop. That’s. The major process of soft in the leather, so that it can be treated again.

Doesn’t smell very good, so we’re kind of not running away, but definitely leaving very very quickly. Everyone’s kind of fighting right now. As soon as you take cameras out in Morocco, there’s, something about this place.

Everyone wants to get paid, and so we actually gave a guy 12 euros. He was being nice at first showing us what he does and he didn’t ask anything of him, but basically the second. We gave him the 12 years he ‘

S like this is nothing which, by the way, that’s, actually quite a bit of money, especially here, so he was trying to play his cards, trying to get paid even more and then all of a sudden, everyone else got involved had like five People coming over, they all wanted a piece of it and now all fighting over that 12 euros.

Maybe I have no idea they’re over there shouting and shouting and screaming at each other. I absolutely love this place. It’s been so beautiful to shoot, but it’s. One of the hardest places I’ve ever shot.

I definitely feel there’s a bit of a hostility as soon as the camera comes out. Well guys, I hope this video helped you with your upcoming trip to Morocco or if you’ve, never even thought about it, then maybe it’s been added to your list in the next video I’ll, be showing You guys some really awesome day trip activities just outside of Marrakesh, some of my favorite things to do in all of Morocco, so stay tuned for that hit the subscribe button to be notified when that comes up because it’s coming real soon and Guys, as always, let’s, get lost again in the next one.