Breeders compete in a unique national championship in Khouribga.

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It seems strange to talk about organizing a bird championship in Khouribga at first glance. Rearing birds, other canaries, parrots and other birds is a hobby that has recently caught the Moroccan attention. But, only a few people expect that a hobby to turn into a competition governed by strict standards and special controls, after which cups and medals are distributed, just like all other sports.
In this way, the Cultural Complex, in Khouribga will be a destination of many breeders from all parts of Morocco, on March 6th. The event is competition organized by the Moroccan association AEOCEK. in which about hundreds of birds of all kinds will compete , and see parallel activities to explore the strangest species of birds.
The tournament aims to create an exchange relationship between different breeders, as well as broadening the popularity base of this activity, and preserving some rare types of birds threatened with extinction, according to what the President of the AEOCEK confirmed to
Moroccans have become increasingly passionate about raising birds indoors and in gardens, and this has resulted in the emergence of professional associations and breeders who take the breeding, selling and buying of birds as a professional activity that they make from it.

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