Morocco Property Buyers Guide

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Morocco sits just 14 kilometers from the shores of Southern Spain and is very easily accessible. Its progressive government is making Morocco a truly viable place in which to own property.

For many, Spain’s comparatively high prices and overcrowded resorts are making exotic Morocco the ideal choice. Property in Morocco remains wonderfully cheap and ripe for investment, with property prices having trebled in the past 5 years.

The buying process is much the same as in Spain or France and obtaining expert advice over any possible pitfalls is relatively simple. There are already many French home owners present, a fact which continues reassure other European buyers.

Property purchase is straightforward and Morocco is well set up to receive overseas buyers.

The Process

Local agents such as, or ‘ Simsaars ‘ help you find a house. A successful simsaar should know which assets already have strong ownership that prevents legal quarrels. Upon completion, a simsaar can charge 2.5 per cent of the purchase price, and many of them work on commission alone.

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