Month: Nov, 2018

Let's go for the 2018 FIFM

[ad_1] Here we go for the 17th edition of the International Film Festival of Marrakech (FIFM) (Video: @aiAissa Saouri) [fb_vid id=”2183906108492041″] [ad_2]

What If The Ocean Was Transparent?

[ad_1] What If The Ocean Was Transparent?[fb_vid id=”711881779210501″]Humans have only explored about 1% of our oceans – but what would happen if we could see all of it? [ad_2]

The Narwhal Is the Source of the Unicorn Myth

[ad_1] #Narwhal #Zoology[fb_vid id=”533723340425149″]Do narwhals use their long tusks to spear food, like a nautical kebab? The reality is even stranger. [ad_2]

Seafood and Spinach Pastilla

[ad_1] جربوا هذه البسطيلة الذيذة المحشوة بالسمك و السبانخ. تذكروا انكم يمكنكم دائما خبزها في الفرن بدل من قليها بالزيت للحصول على فاتح شهية صحي ولذيذ جدا! بالصحة والراحة الوصفة: Try this yummy Pastilla stuffed with fish and Spinach. Remember that you can always bake it in the oven instead of frying it to [...]read moreSeafood and Spinach Pastilla

Researchers Use Stem Cells to Restore Eyesight in Two People

[ad_1] Two Blind Patients Regain Eyesight Thanks to Stem Cell Therapy.[fb_vid id=”680903322311073″] [ad_2]

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

[ad_1] Breast Reconstruction Surgery Credits: Touch Surgery ([fb_vid id=”299539670678592″] [ad_2]

Norway: A Beautiful Country with Amazing Progress

[ad_1] We have a lot to learn from Norway![fb_vid id=”384879932253671″] [ad_2]

Live: State of play and prospects of basic medical coverage in Morocco

[ad_1] 📽🔴Live: State of play and prospects of basic medical coverage in Morocco [fb_vid id=”744028155949156″] [ad_2]

Engineered stem cells could treat degenerative disc disease

[ad_1] Scientists engineer stem cells to treat degenerative disc disease.[fb_vid id=”301011027176833″] [ad_2]